Sunday, January 11, 2009

Feeling Lucky

After reading the Post from Miss Pea, many of my friends including Ying (Moon's cousin) and myself were craving for the Tenji buffet spread, but none of us managed to get the booking, were being told that the promotion entry had been fully booked till 15-Jan.

This morning, Moon received a text from Ying .

----- Forwarded by Moon on 01/12/2009 09:48 AM -----
JKui, I tried Tenji last nite. Omg, the food is soooo awful, worse than Jogoya, n a lot lesser too. The Sashimi isn't fresh at all, I cldnt eveneat my fav salmon :( the dessert is bland, look interesting only. Exceptfor haagen daz which saved the nite. Prawns oso not fresh. Aiyo, just plain bad lah. U dun need to try edi, dun bother.I cringe at the tot of Japanese buffet now. Jka, Saisaki plan cancelled.I bring you n JFoo to Rakuzen for Sunday ala carte buffet instead. So much better. But first lemme get over my Tenji experience. I have no appetite for sashimi now.


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