Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jake’s Charbroiled Steaks

Short review on my belated father’s day dinner at Jake’s Charbroiled Steaks at Medan Damansara. This is the original Jake’s since 1982; it has a branch at StarHill opened not too long ago. Let’s dive straight into the food review. Mom had grilled salmon (RM38.90). She’s rather particular with fish, any slightest fishy stench will render the dish inedible. However, she didn’t complain on this one, definitely a good sign. The salmon is accompanied by flavored butter and a dollop of caviar. The butter went extremely well with the fish. No tartar or chilli sauce required. I ordered an Australian aged tenderloin steak, medium-well (RM63.90). with a few twist of blackpepper, the steak was ready to be savoured. It was exactly how I wanted my steak to be, not too pink but sufficiently tender. The flavor of the beef tickled my taste buds in all the right spots. The fiancé’s ribeye steak was mediocre (RM58.90, not pictured). It’s alright but nothing to shout about. So, skip!The best order of the night was aptly Dad’s steak, Black Angus ribeye (RM88). It was one of the best steaks ever! Cooked to medium, it was so juicy and succulent. The taste and texture of the beef simply blows your mind. All the dishes at Jake’s are very simple, served with veg and potatoes. Brown/black pepper/mushroom sauce is not needed; the quality of the meat and the seasoning is enough to bring the steak to perfection. Skip the desserts tho. The chocolate brownie (RM9.90) is really just chocolate sponge cake with melted chocolate on top. Honestly, this is one of the worst brownies I’ve even eaten. At jake’s, stick to their good old uncompromised steaks.
Reviewed by Jaycee

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