Saturday, June 6, 2009

Grilled Seafood @ Hing Ket Grill House 庆吉烧烤海鲜屋(2nd Visit)

Last weekend, planned to go Genting with Moon and Cheong J, but the traffic jammed like nobody's business due to school holidays just started, eventually we gave up the thought and took a U-turn back. To cheer Moon up, I suggested a CRAB Feast... Yes, Hing Ket, that's the place in my mind.Moon is always kiasu, she said better to secure a table with phone booking, so I called. I didn’t have enough of the crab during our last visit, and this time I told the guy out there to reserve 4 crabs and I recapped it must be the BIGGEST ones! Then, we got back to Moon’s house to fetch Moon’s parents. Moon suggested an early departure due the previous photos turned out so dark, she hoped she could get a better snap this time. Since all people heading to Genting, Kesas Highway was clear and took us just 40 minutes to arrive before the sky turned dark. Apart from my must order grilled crab, Moon added a few new items namely the salt baked prawn, grilled squid, grilled stingray and oyster omelet.Like I said to Moon, salt baked would never go wrong with fresh prawns (RM19 for 8pcs), the flesh was springy & sweet. Grilled lamb is Moon's favorite, we ordered 2 pieces (RM15) for that.We requested the lamb to be cut into bite size so that Moon’s parents could enjoy it without much trouble. According to Cheong J, the smoky aroma pervaded from the “melt in the mouth” lamb’s fat was divine and this makes him become a fan of it too. Stingray (RM18) grilled with curry powder was served in one big chunk, flesh was moist and delicate, yet to be frank, I still prefer the one served at Jalan Alor with savored crispy skin.Grilled squid laden on a banana leave was chewy. It's supposed to be eaten with their special dip. Someone recommended me the fried tapioca noodle (RM8). It seemed less popular among all the good food on table probably due to its sticky feature.
As for the oyster omelet (Hor Jian), wasn't any WAH factor. in fact RM20 seems a little pricey.
Lastly, a little elaboration on the STAR which I had been constantly raving for since my last visit with Wong. When crabs (RM45 per kg, RM112 for 4 crabs) were sent to us, I could see parents in law's mouth dropped open like "O".
Look! The CRAB MAN!!!!!!!
The meat of the crab was firm and stuck on the shell, an evidence of true freshness. The smoky aroma was so appetising and I personally think it requires no other seasoning as the meat itself was sweet enough. After the meal, we were all bloated. A plate of fruit platter was served as soon as we called for the bill....Over all, this was a satisfying meal for me!*burp*

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Precious Pea said...

OMG!! Look at the size of that crab!!!! You ate the ancestor of all crabs!! LOL! Must be yummy!!!

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