Friday, March 27, 2009

Sally Lunn’s Buns –Bath, England

Received a courtesy food review from Simon & Joelle who are currently enjoying their sweet sweet Honeymoon in UK, their Honeymoon will be last for a year! I'm sure there will be more"bizzare post" coming up about their adventure, do enjoy reading!

After an afternoon of exploring the beautiful town of Bath, we were famished. We were looking forward to having a traditional afternoon tea at the famous Sally Lunn’s tea house in Bath. It’s so famous that it’s listed as one of the major attractions of Bath in the tourist guide.
We found the location of the teahouse pretty easily, it’s located just around the corner from the Bath Abbey and the Roman Baths. The teahouse occupies the entire 3 levels of a quant building. After reading more about the teahouse, it’s apparently Bath’s oldest house and there is also a Kitchen Museum in the basement of the building. If you are interested in the history, please visit the Sally Lunn’s website at

There was a queue for tables, but after a 10 minutes wait, we were shown to our table in the Jane Austen room. How appropriate as Jane Austen was one of the more famous residents of Bath. We quickly scanned the menu and there was a good selection of breakfast, lunch and tea choices, all with the famous buns of course.

I ordered the Queen Victoria tea set which consists of a half a toasted Sally Lunn bun served with homemade lemon curd and local Clotted cream (₤6.18). The set also comes with the house tea or coffee, I chose the house tea. Hubby wanted something more filling and ordered the toasted bun sandwich with Scottish smoked salmon, lemon, dill and cream cheese (₤6.28). He also ordered a pot of Darjeeling tea (₤1.88). Our food came quickly enough. Hubby’s toasted salmon sandwich came with a side salad and some crisps (potato chips). The sandwich looked like a normal sandwich apart from the round edges as it was made with the Sally Lunn Bun instead of normal bread. I quickly took a bite while hubby was busy taking photographs. I was impressed with the light texture of the bun although it had been toasted, and was complemented well with the flavour of smoked salmon, dill and cream cheese. You couldn’t ask for a better combination of savoury sandwich filling than this. The crisps and salad were very ordinary and were more like garnishes.

The sweet bun had a softer and fluffy texture as it was not toasted. I chose lemon curd as the topping as I love the sourish taste of lemon. This however was more on the sweet side and it suited hubby perfectly. The Clotted cream which was served on the side was delicious when combined with the lemon curd. The cream reduces the sweetness of the lemon curd. We had lots of tea to go with the buns, it’s an afternoon tea after all!

Overall we thought that the buns were nice, and it was a great experience having afternoon tea in the oldest house in Bath.

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Ah King and Moon said...

I think the sandwich more value for money, don"t you agree? Love the place...

Hungry Hamster said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
The sandwich looks yummy! I'm a fan of traditional English afternoon tea as well!

Selba said...

So nice to see the british food :)

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