Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Super Express Oyako Don ( 親子丼)

Oyako Don 親子丼 is the first Japanese dish I have learned to make from my Japanese textbook. Oyako Don 親子丼refers to hot steamed rice that topped with savory chicken and egg in an oversized rice bowl which literally known as Don (丼). In Japanese, Oya (親)means parents while Ko(子) implies children, so it makes sense, right!?

When I was a boarding student in Japan, beside curry rice (カレーライス ), Oyako Don is also another dish I used to cook and consumed the most, coz it’s 超簡単(super easy)and tasty too.

Ingredients for 1 serving
Japanese rice ( 1 bowl)
1 chicken thigh ( deboned and cut into bite-size)
1 medium size onion (shredded)
1 egg
1 & a half rice bowl of water
3-5 tbsp of tsuyu (つゆ) to taste
Actually for Oyako Don, the condiments shall consist Mirin, Dashi, soya sauce and sugar, however, like I said, it’s a super express Oyako Don, so I used Tsuyu (つゆ)to replace all the above. If you check the igredients of Tsuyuつゆ, you may find it contents most of the above mentioned, pretty handy to use in preparing most Japanese dishes.
Heat up the wok or frying pan, slightly sauté shredded onion, then pour in the condiments and bring it to boil. Add chicken and let it simmer until chicken is thoroughly cooked, then slowly pour beaten egg evenly over the dish. When egg is semi cooked, slide the topping from the pan onto hot steamed rice served in the big bowl & garnish with seaweed or spring onion. Personally I think this Oyako Don is ideal for super busy boarding student who doesn't have much time to cook !

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