Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pakli Steamboat Restaurant 旺角台湾石头火锅店

The night of Good Friday, after a facial treatment, Moon raved for steamboat. Instead of ordinary seafood or herbal soup base, we had something else on mind, YES, the Pakli Steamboat Restaurant (旺角台湾石头火锅店)! I wonder why the English name of the shop is not “Mongkok ”(That should be the direct translation from Chinese)!? Anyway, we had never remembered the name till this recent visit even though we enjoyed dining there a lot.

We had not been here for so long. While heading the way, at the mere thought we did speculate if the shop had already been shifted or closed down for good in view of the prolonged economy setback…Thanks God, it’s still open! The interior didn’t seem to have any major changes. Oh, the same bar tables and bar stools in square geometric order, still looked familiar to us. At the back, ordinary dining tables had been arrayed to cater group like family members and friends. I recognized the Taiwanese boss who greeted us at door. We decided to sit at the back. I was impressed with the gas stove that looked like BRAND NEW. The owner seems to pay much heed to customer’s need, apart from the standard pork set, lamb set, beef set and seafood set, there’re 2 in 1 sets listed in the menu namely seafood paired with any selection of red meat. We chose seafood and beef set (RM43.80). As for drink, glad to know that they’re still serving Qing Dao Beer (青岛啤酒 RM7.80 per bottle) that we couldn’t help to order 2 bottles that served with chilled glasses. The helper heated up the stone pot with a little oil and slightly sautéed the shredded onion, chopped garlic and cabbage (very much alike to Korean barbecue’s practice) before pouring in the clear soup that cooked with bone.

Australian sukiyaki sliced beef and a plate of veggie including fish balls, meatballs, tofu, egg & enoki mushroom were sent to us next.

Followed by seafood that encompassed mussel, fish,squid, prawn, fish balls, and sliced abalone. Not forgetting the Taiwanese Shacha 沙茶酱dip...Diners may add chopped garlic, chopped spring onion and chopped coriander leaves into the dipto their taste. This Shacha dip is what we missed the most! Amid the soothing Taiwanese songs of 90s with the coolest beer and a wonderful steamboat set, we were getting chatty and completely intoxicated ourselves in this comfy ambiance…Our set comprised total 3 plates with more than 10 kind of food varieties, the portion looked like fine dining but I think it was just nice for two. After throwing in all the meat and seafood, the broth became super sweet, even beat the chicken stock in cube, in order not to waste it, we ordered noodle (Rm5) to go with this soup. The noodle was so springy and chewy , we felt so contented after the meal!

Address : Pakli Steamboat Restaurant

6, Jalan 5/109F, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel:03-7987 6778

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