Thursday, April 9, 2009

3JC in Weng Hing 三间庄

Rectangular shape in juxtaposition is one unique feature of 3JC meatballs (三间庄猪肉丸). It’s such a famous trademark of pork-base meatball that a lot of other stalls in KL tend to imitate and brand themselves 3JC meatball sellers shamelessly. Near Moon’s house there is a stall selling pretty nice 3JC. Mother in law said the stall run by the founder’s sister and husband, so I presume it's genuine (Oh well, I'm not sure). All I know is when time passes, Moon’s family stops visiting it as they are getting discontented with the shrunken portion despite being priced up several times.

First time we stumbled upon 3JC outlet in Sunway Pyramid, we rubbed our eyes in disbelief. We even dragged my sister into checking it out at once. The noodle came with same clear soup. The meatballs however failed to please. it's lack of springiness, very much like a frozen product.

Up to today, I still think the stall in Weng Hing Imbi Road serves the best BJC Pork Noodle (三间庄猪肉粉).Bountiful 3JC meatballs, minced pork cooked with dark soy sauce, fried intestines and sprinkles of spring onion, SO LUSCIOUS.... The stall next to BJC also sells pork noodle, but it's different type of pork noodle that cooked with pork innards like liver, kidney and lard. Wing Heng is definitely the heaven for porky lover, haha!

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