Thursday, April 16, 2009

Claypot Chicken Rice Opposite to Alisan 大城堡阿里山对面的瓦煲鸡饭

I would be surprised if any resident of Sri Petaling tells me that he or she doesn't know the claypot chicken rice opposite to Restoran Alisan (阿里山). When I have a crave for claypot chicken rice, this is the place I get the fix. Owned by an Indonesian couple, the business hour is 11am to night, close every Tues. Withnessing their business expanded bigger and bigger, workers increased one after another, deligence is definitely an important criteria to make one a successful entrepreneur. From my observation, they operate the business systematically whereby wife who speaks impeccable Cantonese is in charge of marketing and socializing with customers while husband concentrates on production.

Saw the BOSS flipping the lids agilely to check the water content (just to ensure the rice is cooked properly), made me to ponder how many times he had his fingers scalded just to train himself up for this skill!? How many claypots !!?? 1...2..3..4... Ala.laaa...I can't tell coz already lost count..... There are only 2 sizes of claypot rice, Big (RM9.00) and Small (RM4.50). Tangy aroma of Shaoxing wine pervaded when the claypot served to us. A close up shot. Laden with copious Chinese waxed sausage, salted fish (ikan masin), spring onion and chicken thigh in bite size. The flaky slightly scorched rice debris that sticks on the claypot is something I could never resist....Deep fried crispy sweet and sour ikan kampung(RM3) topped with handful chopped shallot & chilli is certainly another MUST ORDER from me. Stewed radish soup (RM3). 1 big pot+1 small pot+ 2 sweet & sour kaumpung fish+soup =RM22.50. I think it's reasonable for KL standard. Stack of claypots is an envidence of good business. ;-) The address!!!??? I have no idea about the address, all I know, the restoran is just opposite to Restoran Alisan ( same row as Dai Ka Seng Gai Wor Bao 大家成鸡窝包). Just ask around, I believe any local who is familiar with Sri Petaling will be able to guide you.

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