Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dai Ka Seng Dim Sum 大家成点心茶楼

Not until the megazine wrote a review about the signature Gai Wor Bao (鸡窝包) of Dai Ka Seng(大家成),we wouldn't have come up the thought of buying one. That's what we call the power of media. The Gai Wor Bao 鸡窝包 (RM4.80) placed right in front of us looks identical with the one shown in megazine.The gravy oozing out from the bun looks mesmersing, indeed..... Such a sinful temptation that filled with Char Siu (BBQ pork), salted egg yolk, mushroom, stewed chicken cube, onion and glutinuous rice.

It's more like a combination of Dai Bao (大包) and Lo Mai Gai (糯米鸡),heaps of big onion makes it taste a little sweetish, it looks luscious with the existence of salted egg yolk.

This the Golden Bun (黄金包 RM1.40) . "Golden" refers to its custard filling. This unique mix of yeast and baking powder gives the dough a soft, fluffy, and cake-like texture, the slightly saltish sweet custard filling savored marvellous with this lovely dough. This Golden Bun wins the vote of Moon.Wor Zai Bao (窝仔包 RM1.40), the exterior looks almost similar to Golden bun except the filling that made of Char Siu. We also tried the steamed sparerib and Siu Mai, apart from the baoz, so far dim sum is nothing to shout about.

I do believe these baoz generate spetacular profit margin for the inventor. Innovative is certainly a crucial element to sustain one's business in the competative dim sum industry, do stop by for a bite if happen you pass by this place.;-)

Address : 140, Jalan Radin Anum, Sri Petaling

Tel : 019-382 5455

Business Hours from 8pm to 2pm next day

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ccm said...

Kok, great 'search'
I'll go there soon.

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