Friday, March 13, 2009

Restoran Xenri

One of the rainy evening, Moon suggested to have dinner at Xenri Jalan Klang Lama after reading so much good reviews about it. Of course we're aware of the Xenri Japanese Buffet Lunch Promotion and since the outcome is predictable, we don't bother to call .

Tucked away in the corner of Wisma Elken Jalan Klang Lama, both the exterior and interior pervade a soothing aura for dining. Just only 2 of us, instead of Tatami room we were seated at a small table near the entrance.

"Hmmm....the Ala Carte menu is way too expenssive." ;-oWe switched our focus to their dinner sets. Since first timer here, I would like to try the Xenri Bento (RM42) and their house Sake 日本酒(RM14) !

Pretty decent set that comes with authetic Japanese pickles, tempura, grilled mackarel, stewed brinjal topped with bonito flakes ( 鰹 katsuo) , small portion of sashimi, chawan mushi, rice and strawberry as dessert. Presentation was teriffic but taste wise, no surprise.

Moon had Sashimi Zen ( RM45.00). She seems pretty satisfied with the freshness and the variety of sashimi that comprised flying fish (飛び魚tobiuo), butterfish, tuna (マグロmaguro) & salmon (鮭sake). The only gripe from Moon, sashimi was too thick! lolBesides, the zen comes with generous portion of tempura and other side dishes & fruits, we both think this Sashimi Zen has more value for money as compared to Xenri Bento since we like fresh raw fish very much. Basically I am not a fan of Mayo yet I think the Unagi Temaki (RM10) is tasty.Well, since the sets had passed our entry level of QC inspection , think we shall proceed to advance stage to try their Ala Carte menu for our next visit.

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