Monday, March 16, 2009


Important Announcement
Proudly present to you the first post from our honored guest blogger Ying (Moon’s cousin) who is also a glutton, there will be more on the way.....Do stay tune!
I first saw Shivz I drove along the inside lane of Jln Maarof, looking for a parking, hoping to avoid paying for the exorbitant parking charges at Bangsar Village. I brushed it off as yet another café trying too hard to please; serving both local and western food. I've had too many bad experiences with cafes, so no thank you.

By chance, I read a review on Shivz while surfing idly on the web for makan places. Wow, quite a positive review, but the main thing that captivated me was a cuppa of good capp at RM5. Called up 2 friends for weekend brunch.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Shivz is running a promo till 21st March, free starter with every order of main course. Good deal. I chose pesto pasta (RM12) as my main as it was recommended by the positive blogger. Free starter: Grilled chicken salad (RM12). No wait, that can't be true can it? It is, but the free entrée is just a small portion, like a slightly bigger sample size, but I'm not complaining.

Carrot juice (RM7) to start the day:
Note that the juices served contain no added sugar, water or ice. Wholesome, undiluted till the last sip. I actually took a gulp before taking this photo; the glass of juice was full when it arrived.
Then I got chatty with my mates and totally forgot to take pics of the starters.

The mains:
Pesto Pasta (Vege) RM12
Yummy yummy. The sauce is made just right, no, in fact it's perfect, Slightly creamy, rich, flavorful. They were rather generous with chopped olives too which went so well with the pesto.
Lamb Shank (RM26)
Served on a bed of mashed potatoes, there is nothing to complain about this dish. Lamb is juicy and tender, complemented well with the mash.
Some Indian style chicken with a skewer of prawns + chapatti, which name I forgot (RM26):Shivz stuffed the chicken thigh with delicious stuffs. Stuffed chicken thigh? Is that possible? Yes it is, and it's good. Prawns are heavily marinated and barbequed to a slight burn, on purpose I suppose, cos it pairs well with the marinate.
After the meal, I ordered my cappuccino (RM5). It looked awesome and tasted just as fabulous. Please pardon me as an amateur guest blogger for I forgot to take a photo again. But one thing for sure, I'll be back more often, at least for my coffee fix.
Review by Ying


Ah King and Moon said...

i would like to try it one of this day....

joyee said...

wah ying you are a flogger too now?
lesson no 1 - take photos BEFORE you eat the food! LOL

Julian Si said...

Slurp, lamb shank!! Melts in your mouth I presume :-)

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