Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hing Ket Grill House 庆吉烧烤海鲜屋

Precious Pea’s blog was so influential, after reading her post, Moon told Wong she was raving for the grilled lamb at Kampung Jawa, without much details, he already knew which restaurant she was referring.

Kampung Jawa was a total strange place. Thanks God, with Wong’s precise instruction as below, we managed to find the place without much puzzle.

1. Take the Kesas Highway from KL heading to Klang.
2. After the third toll, you will see a signboard of “Kambung Jalan Kebun / Kampung Jawa”.
3. Keep left and drives for 2KM. Follow the signboard and drive up the bridge.
4. Turn right and go straight until you see a mini roundabout
(The road is under construction that’s why you may find it a little bit congested).
5. Exit the mini roundabout by 12 o’clock direction.
6. You still have to drive a little further. As soon as passing the 2nd traffic light, check the left. It's opposite direction of the Mosque.

Yeah, Hing Ket Grill House! Moon recognized the signboard even though the sky already turned dark.Since Wong is a resident there, we made him to decide what to have for the night. Grilled crab, grilled ikan kampung and grilled lamb, we had mostly grilled stuff. Well, this is a "grill house", if not grilled stuff, what else would it be!? To make it merrier, Wong ordered a bottle of chilled Tiger… Kanpai, Kanpai, Kanpai( 乾杯)!!!!!

Of course, protein itself is not enough to feed up the tummies, only carbohydrate gives energy, that’s also the reason we added a plate of la-la fried mihun. however, you may just forget it as this was too mediocre to be compared to Yong Tat....
When the crab sent to us, I know I would never get enough of it. This is how exactly I like my crab to be cooked, the most indigenous way, YES! To deal with it, it has to be Barbarian dining manner, cracked the shell with hammer & tools while debris of shell scattered all over, very messy indeed but who cares!? The crab meat stuck on the shell was SSSO SWEET, an envidence of true freshness which required no further seasoning...... since Wong was taking care of the bill, I was too shy to ask for additional order *lol* ….…...
As for grilled ikan kampung, basically Moon and I had the same opinion, think the fish was too thick hence it's moist and not fragrant enough! Lamb is also a signature here that wins the vote of most local foodies, Moon loves it too. Apologize for poor picture quality, as we were sitting at the open-air area with no direct lighting.All in all, this was a pleasant dining session, thanks to Moon who always brings me surprise, & Wong for a sumptuous dinner!

"I’ll be back, SOON...” I told Moon.
Address : Lot 3569, Batu 3 1/4, Kampung Jawa, Klang
Selangor D.E, Malaysia
Phone : 03-33713913,33710861
Business Hours : 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm
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