Friday, May 29, 2009

W.A.W Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. 黄亚华小食店

After a diehard shopping at Sungai Wang, the happening Jalan Alor is always the last terminal to stop by for dinner before heading home.

The entire Jalan Alor is lined with various food stalls, out of so many choices; Wong Ah Wah situated at the lowest end facing the Nova Hotel is one of my preferred eatery there. We simply can’t get enough of their smoking hot chicken wings which are always well marinated and perfectly grilled.
The grilled stingray (ikan pari) with a savored crispy skin is also our all time favorite. The flesh is pretty tender; it goes flawlessly well with their handmade chili after a squeeze of lime juice. To make your tummy more filling, you may consider to top up with a plate of fried Hokkien Mee with dark soy sauce.......
Or perhaps a plate of fried rice? The fried baby green bean was pretty crunchy, as good as the one we had at Restoran Chuan Kie 全记小菜馆.
Satay is not bad too… Oh, before I forget, their lime juice with a piece of preserved plum 橘子酸梅 is also a great drink to quench thirst.
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