Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yang Kee Beef Noodles 碑律营记

Yang Kee, this is the beef noodle stall we headed to after having the dissatisfying Ngau Kee's beef noodle. Yes, right! This is the beef noodle that according to Cheong J, could beat Ngau Kee hundred miles away! Let's check it out....Cheong J said he used to eat the yellow thin noodle like every others. Tossed with fried garlic and a sprinkle of spring onions, the minced meat looks appetizing indeed.We already had the thin yellow noodle at Ngau Kee, no more noodle please!! We went for kueh teow (flat rice noodle) and mihun (thin rice noodle) instead. Obviously this is not wise as you need a lot more the minced meat to brush up the mihun otherwise it looks so pale! So my advice is, don't ever go against the main stream!Noodles served with a bowl of beef balls for only RM4.80. The beef balls were springy, but guess not as exaggeratedly bouncy as the ones we had at Ngau Kee.
Beef products are Moon's all time favorite, so we requested a mix combo, and it's only RM5.30 (if only I remember correctly). Not sure if tenderizer was used, the beef was soft, overall, I do agree with Cheong J, yeah, the soup is hundred times better than Ngau Kee's one ( which I called it tasteless)....but then, come to talk about the minced meat, I dare to say, so far no one in KL could ever beat Sun Gao Yu Beef Noodles 新九如牛肉面 , Sun Gao Yu rocks!!! The stall is just in front of Toto at the Peel Road Wai Sik Kai. Heard it only opens at night.

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