Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sun Gao Yu Beef Noodles 新九如牛肉面

This Sunday we decided to have our lunch at Sun Gao Yu (新九如) Beef Noodles along Jalan Tun. Tan Cheng Lock, both Moon and my mother-in-law had been craving for it since our last visit. If you are a beef noodle fan in KL, then I am pretty sure you will agree with me that this is one of the best in town. As usual, we waited a while before being seated. Look at the queue, you know I am not bluffing!The noodles sent to us within couple minutes as soon as we placed our order, efficient huh !? All of us are having preference for the Sun Gao Yu dried noodle so we went for the dried one!

Well, from the photo, the minced beef on top of the noodle might not look appealing enough, but I can ensure you, THIS IS THE ESSENCE of the noodle that we all love it very much!! Even my mother-in-law who used to be a small eater finished up every single drop!
If you order the dried noodle (干捞面), the meatball, beef tendon and the beef tripe will be served in soup separately, not too chewy but it's quite tender.......
Sun Gao Yu (新九如) Beef Noodles situated just right opposite to Lai Foong Restaurant.
Don't be there too early, coz it only opens from 10am!
Oh BTW, the traffic there is rather chaotic and kinda difficult to find a parking lot nearby, public transport probably is a wiser choice to get there!
Attached the below map for your easy reference.

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