Saturday, November 22, 2008

Restoran Kong Leong 江隆茶室

Mr Ho highly recommended the stir fried pork intestine(宫保猪大肠) at Restoran Kong Leong (江隆茶室) Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park. Since didn't feel like cooking, Moon and myself decided to give it a try.
We give a B+ for fried intestine coz both of us dun really appreciate pork large intestine due to mentality factor. ;-o For "pork intestine lover", this dish is worth given a try!! The gravy was thick, not too spicy, the texture was as soft as "chee Cheong fun" and the best part is we didnn't find any awful smell of pork intestine. RM9 for such big plate, fair price , isn"t it?

Beside the fried intestine, there are wide range of hawker stalls selling different type of food. The stir fried short-necked clam with soybean paste and chili, which is known as the "Guai Mei La-La"(怪味啦啦)from Dai Ka Sing Fried Seafood (大家成炒海鲜) is also something I would like to present to you, delicious!!If you want to have something more filling, then you may consider to hv a bowl of hot pepper pork viscera soup (胡椒猪杂汤), it served with white rice for RM6.50 per pax, it's best taken in a cold rainy day, yummy! yummy! This is the outlook of Restoran Kong Leong (江隆茶室) .It' s located on the opposite side of Maybank K-Link (shown as B below) along Jalan 12/116B. Daily business hour starts from 6pm onwards.

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