Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gold Coast Mud Crab

Went to Australia Gold Coast with Moon & her gang of friends last Oct, spent 5 days 4 nights there. Since most of the time we had fastfood so not much comment about the food there, except the gigantic mud crab which I would really like to share! It was actually Moon's idea to take the mud crab cruise. The cruise operated by Tweed Endeavour Cruises , all participants are required to choose from a variety of menus including a freshly cooked whole mud crab, you may also choose half portion of mud crab & prawns or BBQ Chicken & ham. Was told by a Malaysian guy that the mud crab was HUGE so much so he could barely finish the whole crab within the given time. Moon eventually paid AUD168 for 1 whole mud crab and 1 BBQ chicken with ham. Apart from the set lunch we chose, rice, salad, bread, miso soup and fruits were served in buffet-style.

The Crab Catching Cruise provided a range of activities like yabbie pumping, bird feeding, fishing and last but not least the mud crab catching! Below is one of the live mud crab we pulled up from the river. According to the crewman, a piece of salmon was placed inside the cage as bait to trap the crab, That's a Crab Mummy ! Crab Mummy is obviously much bigger the size compared to Crab Daddy! Learnt that the consumption of Crab Mummy is forbidden by the QLD Law, what a shame!!! ;-( We all would really like to taste the roe...

You 're probably unable to gauge ths size of the crab from the picture itself, how about comparing the size of the claw against the thumb, HUGE!!!!?? :-o

Unlike the complicated Chinese cooking method, the crew just boiled the crab in water, no black pepper, no ginger, no spice and etc....just salt! Tasted salty, I however do agree that the salt is the best to bring out the NATURAL flavor of the freshly cooked crab, it's even better than the Clay Pot Sri Lanka Crab we had in Singapore... very fresh and the flesh was firm.

The tour departs from Historic Maritime Museum, Kennedy Drive, Tweed Heads ! Booking is essential.
Phone: (07) 5536 8800

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