Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ngau Kee @ Tingkat Tong Shin

My boss used to say the beef noodles in Taiwan 're very “oishii” (means delicious in Japanese), it makes me drool and so wanted to go Taiwan to glut myself with yummy yummy beef noodles.

In KL, beef noodles are not as popular as fried Hokkien Mee. Ying told me the beef noodle at Tengkat Tong Shin was nice. Yes, that beef noodle seems pretty famous among the foodies. So, decided to check it out with Moon and Cheong J after done some purchase at Low Yat Plaza last Saturday noon.

It was drizzling and there were only 2 diners at one table having their beef noodles. The guy ran the stall looked young, maybe at his early twenties!?

After taking a seat, we ordered 2 bowls of dried noodles with beef balls (RM5 per bowl). Food served to us quickly.

Many floggers suspect the mince was made of pork instead of beef, I come to believe it as the texture was lumpy. It's not fine like the one served at Sun Gao Yu 新九如. Of course, Sun Gao Yu's minced meat was very much nicer than this.
Total 6 big beef balls were given, pretty generous, I think. The beef balls were really bouncy but I find it kind of "unusual". I’m not a Pro in this but I do have heard some manufacturers in food industries use borax (boric acid 硼砂) to enhance the springiness of the noodles and meatballs…. On top of that, we added a bowl of mix beef tripe with beef tendons (RM10/bowl). The soup was plain, close to tasteless ( I bet you could tell from the pic itself). Beef tripe was crunchy but Moon was suspicious if it's the effect of food additive. And the chili dip, that's another BOO factor, weird and watery…..didn't bother to dip also. From Cheong J’s facial expression, I knew what he ‘s going to say about it...”Nice or not?”I asked, just to reassure my assumption was correct. He shook his head.

“You should try the one at Peel Road.” After a pause, he whispered. Without having finish our noodles, we called for the bill.

Out of curiosity, I asked the guy about the business hours, he told me, the stall runs 24 hrs a day, now I see, obviously the emphasis is quantity over quality, no wonder Precious Pea said the quality is not consistent….Anyway, it's not my concern coz I have no intention to come back here again….

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