Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Restoran Chuan Kie 全记小菜馆

Moon knew about this Restoran Chuan Kie 全记小菜馆 since she was still a secondary school's student, her good friend Jess told her about this place. At that time, the business was run at the old place. Jess and her family are regular customers of this restaurant, she said she saw Andy Lau 刘德华during one of her dinner session here. No kidding, if you are lucky enough, you may bump into any Hong Kong Stars who happen to have concert or performance at Genting. The surrounding wall plastered with ample photos of the restaurant's workers taken with the Hong Kong artists. Just that Moon and I do not have the luck, probably due to bad timing! *o* Don't remember when was our last visit, definitely more than 1 year ago! This trip to Genting with Cheong Chai (her cousin), Moon told me she was yearning for the signature dish of Restoran Chuan Kie, the thinly sliced, fried to crisp pork belly 香口五花肉, the outer layer of the meat is coated with caramelized syrup, some might not like it for being sweet and sticky! For us, we simply enjoy the CRISP, the SWEETNESS and the STICKINESS!! yumm..yummm..... Don't worry, that's the only sinful dish on the table, other dishes were actually quite healthy. *lol* Stir-fried baby green bean with garlic, this is another healthier signature dish of Chuan Kie, the bean is young, tender and crunchy!Yuxiang qiezi (魚香茄子) aka braised eggplants with yuxiang , this used to be their signature, but as you can see from the picture, it was badly done, too dried and lack of appetising smell. Chinese spinach in superior stock 上汤芫菜, this dish has nothing significant, just thought of having more veggie, that's all! ;-)
This meal with 4 dishes costed around RM68 including white rice and Chinese tea as well as herba tea. Fair enough! If not mistaken, there are 2 Chuan Kie at Gohtong Jaya heading to Genting, we still prefer this one located at upper row.

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