Friday, February 27, 2009

Restoran Good Friends 好友记

In Genting, food is not an issue, price is! There are wide range of cuisines for your selection, Cantonese, Malay, Indian, Hainanese, Western.....just to name a few. The only thing that really bother me is the price, a simple chicken rice may anytime cost you a bomb!

"EVERYTHING IN GENTING IS EXPENSSIVE" already embedded in my mind, my mouth dropped open in disbelief when I saw the order list of Restoran Good Friends stating the dim sum priced at RM4.95.I confess I am an extremely conventional guy, when come to dim sum, it's almost guaranteed that I would order Char Xiu Bao (叉烧包), steamed sparerib, taro dumpling aka yam puff (芋角)& lo mai gai (糯米鸡) while Moon would sure go for egg tart, har gao (虾饺)siu mai (烧卖)and chee cheong fun (rice noodle roll); very stardard!
Out of all, I like the taro dumpling, it's not easy to make a good taro dumpling, the outer layer deep fried to crisp & fluffy, it must not be oily while the BBQ pork's filling has to be juicy.
Stir-fried carrot cake tasted mild sweet, didn't really impress me.

Fried rice sold for RM16.10, yes, it's expenssive, nonetheless aromatic and delicious as it comprised prawn, bacon, green bean, cabbage & egg, all sort of nutrient found in 1 pate, we ordered 2 servings to share.
For dessert, Moon requested almond beancurd jelly. It's funny that almond base products like almond tea or almond beancurd tasted so different from the original almond nut, you may find it stinks like cockroach if you hate it, but once you develope a liking for it, you will get addicted, just like DURIAN!

When I took a quick peep at the bill, the total amount did surprise me, it's ONLY RM107.85.
List out of the bill (inclusside s/charge & govt tax)
Fried rice = RM16.10 x 2
Almond beancurd jelly = RM4.60 x 1
Chinese tea = RM3 x 8
L-dim sum RM4.95 x 7
Spec dim sum RM6.10 x 4
It's inside the Hotel Genting, right end from the hotel's main entrance.

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