Saturday, February 28, 2009

FGS Dong Zen Buddhist Temple 佛光山东禅寺

A day trip to somewhere near yet away from town is a good way to unwind. Heard a lot about FGS Dong Zen Buddhist Temple 佛光山东禅寺 at Jenjarom, had never been there, hence invited KC and his wife to be our tour guide. We used KESAS Highway and followed the Banting's signboard. Quite safe actually coz there are signboards one after another showing you the direction of FGS Dong Zen Buddhist Temple 佛光山东禅寺, very unikely to miss.

Jenjarom itself is just a small village nestles at one of the remotest parts of Selangor. Construction of FGS had brought prosperity to the village and numerous business opportunities to the locals here. During CNY, heard exhibition of lantern & flora were held whereby the whole Jenjarom cramped with visitors coming all over Malaysia.

From what I observed, Dong Zen Buddhist Temple is not just a temple, it's also a school that provides chances to pursue Buddhism and experience the monastic life from a short term boarding. Here came to the tranquil hall seated the Buddha statue, KC pointed that this Buddha statue was transported to temple all the way from Taiwan. Different from most shrines that practise Taoism, burning incense has been controlled to minimum level.

Gardening is remarkable. Much effort has been employed to maintain this orchid bush. KC threw a coin into the pond and made a wish. The carp (koi) in the pond seemed to receive wrong signal that food was thrown, leapt out from the water with great excitement! Glad that we finally made it to visit FGS! It's time for us to move on and head out for the Bukit Jugra Beggar's Chicken. ;-)

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