Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beggar's Chicken at Restaurant Bukit Jugra 万津叫化鸡

Time for a“treasure hunt”!!!

Obtained the below map by fax, We're getting ready to search for the well-known beggar's chicken 叫化鸡. With this map in hand, my confidence to get there had increased a fair bit.

The map looks pretty simple, but in actual fact, it’s NOT! We navigated numerous windy paths, underwent uncountable argument, frustration.......

For those who are not familiar with Banting like me, do head your way there before the sky turns dark.

You are getting to the destination as soon as you see this mosque standing in front of you at the T-junction, turn to the left & continue to drive on....
After a while, you shall find this Temple of Datuk. A shabby shack lies on the left. Be ready to find parking as this shack is actually the RESTAURANT you look for ! Quaint! Could see mudskipper rambling around the damp muddy river bank from the place we sat. All of us entitled complimentary live performance from "Mosquito & Band" throughout the whole dining session ....Wwee..onn..onn...wee..onn..onn * Annoyance*....Bring your own mosquito-repellent incense if you are wary of Dengue.That's the trademark of the legendary beggar’s chicken from Bukit Jugra.So much so we only managed to have a bite of it after making 5-day in advance booking.

The chicken was wrapped up in paper and tinged with Chinese herbs."What the heck! come all the way for this Emperor chicken...” Somebody may get stormy after such hectic journey.

Don't be negative, let’s unwrap the paper....found a chicken stuffed with excessive Codonopsis pilosula党参 and Wolfberry 枸杞, texture of the meat was soft and easily torn, permeated with aroma of Chinese herbs after long hours cooking under the heat of glowing ashes ( I didn't really get to see the process as two baleful doggies were guarding at the kitchen), all in all, the chicken was moist and savourish. We also made reservation for the so-called traditional rice. It's merely a serving of glutinous rice that cooked with dried mussel, dried shrimp and Chinese mushroom. KC commented that this rice was nothing remarkable other than the strong smell imparted from dried mussel, didn't look appealing too. We also ordered veggie and a dish known as traditional fish. This traditional fish was a kind of local Mackerel that generally known as Gao Yu 鲛鱼 in Malaysia, the fish head and tail being chopped and retained while the body being deboned and minced to paste, presentation looked tedious but the fish cake made from the paste was really coarse and tasted awful, nothing comparative to my favorite pan fried fish paste of Restoran Kaki Bola nearby Cheras Leisure MallPertaining to price, KC suggested me to put up the receipt and let the readers to judge.... Here you are!

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