Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Portuguese Tart from Margaret's Cafe e Nata

Needless to say, Portuguese style egg tart is a MUST EAT goodie of Macau, the focal point is, “Where on earth the BEST Portuguese egg tart can be found!?”

According to the research we made, 1st Macanese Portuguese style egg tart was created by Andrew Stow, an English gentleman who founded Lord Stow’s Bakery. During a trip to Portugal in late-80’s, he was inspired by the Pasteis de Nata ,he later developed his very own version of Poturguese style egg tart base on numerous experimentation he had performed with his unique English's touch. His creation attracted tens of thousands foodies and his little bakery at Coloane became famous. Since then, franchises established one after another in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan.

As Coloane was way too far from our hotel, we regret we did not make it to sample this most original Macanese-Portuguese style egg tart. We however went for Margaret's Cafe e Nata run by Andrew's ex-wife near Hotel Sintra, which was said serving equally good Portuguese tart.

Portuguese style egg tart features slightly charred caramel on the top surface of egg custard filling. Cappuccino & mocha served along with the tarts. Buttery pastry combined with rich creamy filling, Margaret’s egg tart is certainly the best among those I have sampled so far.

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Margaret's Cafe e Nata

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