Sunday, January 3, 2010

Asam Laksa @ Pasar Air Itam (Kek Lok Si)

Kek Lok Si is the only tourist hot spot we visited this time coz we all were too busy with "cari makan".*lol* “Eat as you go” is always the attitude we carry along whenever we go travel. Sister used to say, our instinct is always more reliable than food guide. ;-)

By the time we came down from Kek Lok Si, we were all exhausted. Since we're here, no way for not paying a visit to the well-known Asam Laksa from Pasar Air Itam, right?

In KL, laksa generally refers to curry laksa but here in Penang, laksa means asam laksa.
No one actually told us, by looking at the number of customers dining there, we just assumed this is the right one! It’s on the left of the main road to Kek Lok Si temple which can be noticed easily.
The signboard says RM2.70 per bowl.
Garnished with shredded pineapple, lettuce, bird's eye chili, cucumber, onion, pink bunga kantan (ginger flower's bud) and Vietnamese mint's leave, asam laksa is a healthier delicacy compared to the others, I suppose!?
It 's simply addictive just sipping the hot & sour asam soup that slow boiled with flesh of ikan kampung in addition with a scoop of superior prawn paste.Fresh crushed sugar cane juice was certainly an ideal refreshment to go with laksa…
And, also muachi to sink your sweet teeth! A complete meal at hawker stall, here we go! ;-P
Pasar Road (Beside the Air Itam Market) 11500 Air ItamPenang

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