Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Slim River Fresh Water Fish @ Double Happiness

Slim River is a small town in Perak which is about 20 km north of Tanjung Malim. On a road trip from north back to KL, sister insisted to stop by this place for steamed fish. I thought it was like another mundane little town, apparently I was wrong and I must thank my sister, if not her, I would remain ignorant as ever. ;-P

It was about 4p.m. by the time we reached Slim River. My tummy was roaring, Moon hastily grabbed a young shopkeeper for advice, he told us to check out either Double Happiness or Fook Seng. We headed to Double Happiness since the direction sounds less complicated with self-evident land mark (next to a school).

Thanks God it's open! A very earthy restaurant likes one that typically found in kampung. We sat at the open area. There is also air-conditioned session where I believe major banquets are held.

Photos of fishermen taken with their catch were noticeable scrambling up the restaurant's bulletin board.Over the years, fresh water fish gradually becomes an attraction promoting the Malaysia tourism especially since a number of HK food programs made vast broadcast about the hefty ikan Empurau. Of course, we have yet reached the level splurging tens of hundreds bucks for just ONE fish (no kidding, market is selling more than RM500 per kilo), yes, that’s way too ritzy (unless I strike lottery 1st prize, then I might sound differently.) !

The waitress recommended their local specialty Ikan Tapah (wallago), if not mistaken, it's around RM80 per Kilo. Wallago is a gigantic creature, no way for the 5 of us to gorge ourselves with the whole Wallago, hence we order to steam a portion of it, the best part of a fish for steaming would be the fish's belly, and my 5 words for the fish are moist, fatty,gelatinous,odorless and unsurpassed.

Another highlight would be the steamed giant river prawn. At the size of human palm, it was sold RM20 per prawn. The waitress suggested to slit into half, steam with wine & egg white. The dish was further enhanced by the fragrance of coriander. Orangey prawn’s roe was sinfully gooey & yummy!Fried rice vermicelli with wild paddy frog was a bit dried.Fried Kangkung Belacan
I lost the receipt ! Anyhow, no one complained about the price , so I presume it’s pretty reasonable. ;-)

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