Friday, December 12, 2008

Roadhouse Grill

On top of school holidays, last Thursday (11-Dec-2008) was Selangor Sultan's birthday, Genting was flooded by mountain of visitors.

Coming down from Genting, it was raining cats & dogs throughout the whole KL, tired of being stuck in traffic, we decided to pull off at Roadhouse Grill for a sumptuous western dinner. A waitor dressed up like cowboy greeted us at door.

Tea light was set on every dining table. furnished with hand painted walls and an antique jukebox, Roadhouse Grill embraced us with tinge of Wild-wild West spirit.

No clue what to order, we decided to pick from the chef's recommendations, I chose grilled ribeye steak with BBQ sauce while Moon selected fish & chips.

The meal served to us promptly. My set encompassed baked potatoe, salad and bun.The ribeye was chunky, barbeque sauce tasted quite similar to Tony Roma's, just that the marinated beef was not perfectly soaked up and the texture was kind of coarse and chewy.

Fish & chip was fine, outer layer was crusty and the fillet was fresh. Dim lighting contributed to a romantic dining ambiance, undeniably an ideal place for dating your love one. It is labelled as E in the below map overlapped by D.
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