Saturday, December 6, 2008

LYJ Kg Baru Sg. Buloh 李雄记

Yesterday met up with Moon's good friend, he brought us to Restoran LYJ for lunch, LYJ is famed for its Poon Choi(盆菜).

Despite our anticipation, were disappointed when her friend told us we were not coming for Poon Choi, coz Poon Choi requires pre-booking & minimum 10 pax!;-( Nevertheless, he wanted us to try the cold paku platter, it's actually poached sayur paku with sweet sour dressing and crispy dried shrimp. Sayur paku is one sort of editable fern shoot, quite alike to the Japanese Sansai (山菜). Malay generally stir-fries it with sambal belacan. This is something new yet palatable!

For main course, we had

1.) Crusty beancurd with bean paste and chillis

2.) Braised grass carp 's belly. No complain on the taste, it's all about the fish itself, too many tiny bones,not really reccomended for elderly.
3.) Ginseng soup presented in chinese teapot. According to Mrs Lee, the water used to make this must not be any tap water, it has to be the Italian Acqua Panna. *Whoa* Not only that, the presentation was also inspired by the Japanese dobin mushi(どびんむし)。

The owner of this restaurant was recently awarded gold metal in one of the world class Chinese cooking competition, definitely an additional bonus for LYJ. Looking forward to trying the Poon Choi for next visit.

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