Friday, December 5, 2008

Pork Noodles at Restoran Hong Cha 猪肉粉

I am thinking to bring my sister and brother in-law to Restoran Hong Cha for dinner one of this day. Hong Cha is famous for pork & seafood noodles. I like to savour the broth that cooked with seafood, meat and pork liver, so sweet and so tasty! Stepping into the shop, you find pictures of tempura, maki, grilled salmon and others Japanese food, all these are the side dishes you may get to order here. When I first visited this shop, I was impressed to see the waitress keying in our order with a PDA. Really Hi-tech kopitiam!! ;-P

Talking about the choices here, my favour is still the dried pork noodle.The pork lard lying on the dried Lou Shee Fun (老鼠粉干捞)reminds me my gourmet idol Tsai san (蔡澜先生). He is a great fan of pork lard mixed rice. Ha, ha! For dried noodle, the soup served separately with much thicker savor. Pork Noodles Soup laden with mincemeat, pork liver, sliced pork, cabbage and shrimp
For side dish, grilled mackerel (saba yaki) is a safe choice!
The herba drinks that we like to order. Hong Cha situated along Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3, the 1st right turning immediately after the OUG BHP Patrol Station which is supposed to be on your right if you come from Old Klang Road.

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