Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner at Restaurante Fat Siu Lau 佛笑楼

Macau is former colony of Portuguese whereby 95% of its total population are Chinese. With over 400 years of Portuguese governance, Macanese cuisine is one unique cuisine that combines Portuguese and Chinese cooking. Our "food expedition" determined to go for Macanese food at least once before leaving to Hong Kong, hence dinner was set on Macanese Portuguese.

Initially Moon suggested
A Lorcha which has quite possitive reviews from most foodies, it was however turned down by the majority due to it's way out of our place. We decided to bump into any Macanese restaurant near our hotel, and we found Restaurante Fat Siu Lau! Macau's tourist guide says that it is one of the oldest restaurant in Macau dating from 1903. These are the dishes we had for the night.

1. Sauteed mixed vege with garlic 蒜茸炒杂菜. Vagetable was so colorful, such an ideal source of green fibre with great nutrient.

2.Sardinhas Assadas A Portuguesa 西洋烧沙甸鱼 .Perfectly done, my mouth was scented with the nice fragrance of this grilled sardine. Not to worry about the fine bone, it makes no harm. 3.Caracois A Francesa 法式局蜗牛 .Escargot baked with mashed potato. I stll prefer Escargot to be baked with cheese and garlic. 4.Galinha Africana (非洲鸡).It's also known as "African chicken", one of the signature dish served in most Macanese Portuguese restaurants. Cooked with lotsa of spices, the taste is not something I 'm familiar with, kinda hot but within my tolerance (as being a Malaysian) . ;-P

5. Galinha A Portuguesa (椰汁葡国鸡). I named it as Portuguese version of "Rendang chicken" with strong aroma from coconut milk. MOP590 for the above dishes including bun, white rice and tea. quite pricey actually, coz the portion was small, my stomach was not that well fed after the meal. ;-( Dining atmosphere on the other hand was good, the place is spacious with comfortable seats.

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