Sunday, January 25, 2009

An outing to Taipa 氹仔島

The Venetian is one major attraction in Taipa, since we were here, no reason for not dropping by. From Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kee to The Venetian, it was amazingly near. Save the taxi fare and take a walk, you 'll gain more from there!Same like any other major cities in Guangzhou, the sky of Macau was kind of hazy. My courtesy reminder, take more fluids and fruits when you are here!

Personally, I still think January is a perfect season to visit Macau, it’s rather comfortable to stroll around as the weather is quite cooling.

"Here we are, The Venetian!!!"

Right in front of the main entrance, there is a bus terminal. This is the place where you could get complimentary free shuttle bus ride to
Sands , Fisherman's Wharf and also the Ferry Terminal. Although it's all artificial and looked a little tacky, the establishment itself was absolutely spectacular!

Ahaaaaa.....I could see the casino waving at me, it's time for me to excuse myself for some "refreshment" there. *wink*

Of course, there is still a lot to do in this property apart from gamble, the flagship stores and the shopping parade along the canal are certainly a great inducement for shoppers.

Very soon, Moon and her two cousins got bored with shopping and they slunk out in search of the signature bird nest tart aka "yan wo tart (
燕窝撻)" from Cafe Xin Hao Li (新好利咖啡饼店).
The Chinese generally believe that bird nest is rich in nutrients that may help to enhance one's immune system and skin complexion. This also explains why the 3 ladies were so fascinated by this bird nest thingy!

Piping hot bird nest tarts served straight from oven. Freshly baked is definitely the superb selling point of this shop! Frankly, you won't be able to tell whether there's any bird nest or not, the taste of bird nest iteslf does not have any significant characteristic . This was Ying's first Portuguese tart in Macau, finally! ;-)

On the way back to The Venetian, there was another discovery across the street!^o^

The Serradura DessertsSerradura, literally means "Sawdust" in Portuguese (木糠甜品). It is one of the popular Macanese dessert.Being a typical tourist, I know Moon very well, she would not forgo any single chance to try the local delicacy!

This was the Serradura ice-cream from her sampling, sandy texture, nothing impressed me in particular, though.

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