Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pork Chop Bun at Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kee 大利来咖啡室

This was Ying's first trip to Macau, she was showing great anxiety for the famous pork chop bun (猪扒包)and Portuguese tart(葡挞). In order not to let her down, we rushed a taxi to Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kee (大利来咖啡室) at Taipa.

From Ponte 16 to Taipa, taxi fare was MOP 48. At least 3 taxi needed to fetch the 10 of us there, in other word, taxi fare itself already spent us almost MOP150. It was 15 past 2, only few tables were occupied, we managed to get 2 tables, put them together, just nice to accomodate the 10 of us.A waitor came forward for order taking
" 8 pork chop bun please." Moon requested.
"Pork Chop Bun will only be ready for sale at 3pm. You may order any food or drinks but not pork chop bun!" What a snob! Fine, we'll wait!
"Sale of pork chop bun will be open shortly, you may now line up there for purchase!" at 2.45pm, the same waitor popped up and announced. Immediately I leapt into the queue while Moon was busy snapping pictures for our blog....Apparently, we were not the only group doing that, some even holding a much more sophisticated camera than ours!
Task accomplished when I brought back 8 packets of pork chop bun. Everyone was grinning with delight made me felt like I was the gladiator that won a victory, haha!Ying, Moon & Yee wanted a pic of taking the FIRST BITE of this famous pork chop bun!
Just after few bites
Sorry folks, the ending of the story might be out of your expectation !
"Nice meh? So-so lah....."
"Quite salty and dried."
"Exccessive MSG!"
"Not really crispy..."
That's the opinions of our majority.
Another failed attempt in our Macau food excursion! *Sigh*
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