Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yi Shun Two-Layer Milk 义顺牛奶

After lunch, Moon wanted to go for the well known two-layer milk. "Yi Shun, that's the one", Moon pointed at the stunning pink building ahead of us and shouted out excitedly!When we approached the shop, we saw array of bowls filled with two-layer milk(双皮奶) stacking behind the glass storage.Beside the two layer milk, there are sandwiches, fruity milk shake and other kind of snack for sale.

Oh, oh, I noticed some interesting sentence on the right top of the menu. It says" $5 will be charged for not consuming anything!" Wahhhh....wah...good at making money huh, I wonder if this would ever work in Malaysia!??? Moon wanted to sample the most original two-layer milk, so we requested one hot and one cold to share out.I put 1 big spoon to my mouth and it went straight to my throat...Ummmph......the sweetened wobbly consistency was SMOOTH! After trying both, Moon and myself thought the taste of the cold one was mild and it' s better.

The yellowish egg custard on the next table looked appealing too, we added one more item for that!Our conclusion is, egg custard was the best among all! ;-P

Anyway, this two layer milk is not something common in Malaysia, so no harm to give it a try, you might like it, who knows!? *shrug*

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