Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wong Chi Kei 黄枝记

By the time we had our check-in done, we were too starved and couldn't help to sniff for food. We asked around and finally found the Senado Square which was just 10 min walking distance from Sofitel Ponte 16. According to tourist's guide, Senado Square is the center of Macau.

This water fountain is the unique landmark of Senado Square Senado Square surrounded by bright pastel South European-styled buildings and paved with black and white cobblestones. It is also a popular venue to host public events.
Hunger struck, we opted Wong Chee Kei for our first lunch in Macau.
Address : Largo do Senado 17, R/C, Macau
Phone :+853 2833 1313
It is a 3-storey eatery with compact layout so much so there are tables set on the staircase. Almost each table was taking noodle and porridge, we thought of having noodle as well. The chili was quite different from the one in Malaysia, it tasted a bit oily and salty.Moon and myself had wantan mee. The noodle was so dried and it's close to tasteless...Bad choice!
Brother in law had braised pork's trotter , he said the trotter was OK...... We also ordered char siew (BBQ pork) and roasted duck to go with the noodle.Fried dumpling was crispy except too little filling! Despite our high anticipation, we walked out the shop with great disappointment! The texture of the noodle was somewhat hard (to be frank, THIS probably is the worse noodle I have ever had so far). A very wrong decision for our first lunch in Macau indeed! ;-(

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