Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mongkok Street Food Adventure 旺角小吃

If you are a great fan of stinky tofu (臭豆腐),good news, do stay tune with our Mongkok (旺角)Street Food Adventure!!

Taking the Exit for Ladies' Street (女人街) aka Tung Choi Street (通菜街) at Mongkok MTR Station, were overjoyed to discover a stall setting up at corner lot selling all sort of Hong Kong style street food including stinky Tofu, curry fish ball & etc. Street food is absolutely playing an important role in the Hong Kong food culture. Cops chasing after the illegal street food hawkers ,or Cantonese conlloquially known as "Zhao Guai (走鬼) " was such common scene that appeared in most Hong Kong drama, especially during the 80’s!

Do look for this book store’s signboard, the stall is just next to it!I remember the workers wearing a green apron with the word “真美味”. “真美味” probably is the name of the stall. Stinky Tofu, can stink a mile off !! Sister said it’s nice with lots of chili sauce…Nah, nah, not for me!!!! Just can't stand the smell........Argh!! Don't mind to have some bouncy Curry fish ball.....That's yummy! That's the Gai Dan Chai 鸡蛋仔, a snack that made of egg, flour, sugar & butter, mild sweet, features outside crispy soft inside

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