Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Island Cafe 新金島魚蛋王

We stayed at Royal Pacific, New Island Café 新金島魚蛋王 is just across the street, its strategic location drove us to stop by for a quick breakfast before heading our way to Giant Buddha.New Island Café is a typical Hong Kong style Café aka Cha Chan Teng 茶餐厅 that serves typical Hong Kong style breakfast set.

Beef noodles was quite plain.
Macaroni served with soup, fried egg and Chinese pickles. Not to say tasty but find it kind of "fusion" ... Instant noodles served with beef brisket. Noodles laden with gigantic fish ball. That's the only goodness we discovered in this shop, springy and BIG in size! ;-P

1 comment:

Julian Si said...

Yumm! Food looks good, and statues are beautiful!

Cheers from Malaysia...

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