Saturday, February 7, 2009

Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant 广东烧味餐厅

I am a great fan of Chinese style barbecue (Siu Mei 烧味), I've had countless of it in Malaysia. Heard the Hong Kong 's Siu Mei is drooling good . "Three meals in a day, one of it has to be Siu Mei!" I told my fellow foodies about my decision, and was seconded by "mandatory"!

The crowd in this Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant aroused our curiosity. We took a step forward, a lady in uniform soon came out and served us.
She led us to a little alley in between two shops where I could see a row of stools being lined up, she gesticulated to sit there and wait to be seated. I saw a poster of Bill Clinton plastered on the glass door, I scrutinized the Chinese wording on the poster"Bill Clinton loves Guangdong Siu Mei 广东烧味!", Tricky huh!? The word "Siu Mei" implies Chinese style barbeque while Guangdong literally means Canton. since Siu Mei is part of Cantonese Cuisine, hence, Guangdong Siu Mei could be a generic name for Cantonese style barbeque. Or, was it true that this shop called 广东烧味餐厅 the favorite of Bill Clinton!!!???

Waited for approximately 20 mins before the lady called us in. Typical Hong Kong Cha Chan Teng茶餐厅 layout with no room to swing a cat!

We were so tempted to try everything on display! 1st served to us was this long-stewed soup 老火汤 which had been slow cooked for hours. The ingredients consist watercress, date, dried mussel, longan and bones. It was highly concentrated and I think it's too salty for me. Roasted goose was the 2nd dish. Due to cost is in concern, I would say roasted goose is rarely found in Malaysian Siu Mei restaurant, "When you are in Hong Kong, the roasted goose is a MUST EAT" a piece of advice from my good friend. Just one mouthful bite, I think I 'm already falling for it. People used to say the drumstick is the best part of roasted goose, that's the reason why we requested quarter portion of the bottom part. To my surprise, it's not fatty at all, the meat was in fact firm and chewy. Roasting at high temperature furnace with their own secret recipe, the skin was cripsy and aromatic, simply irresistible!

A mixed platter of Cha siu (barbecued pork叉烧) , Siu yook (roasted pork with crispy skin燒肉) & grilled sparerib with flavourful sauce came next. The cha siu sauce tasted quite different from what I used to have in Malaysia. It was perfectly charred without a scorch, the meat was so tender & juicy, what a lovely porky ! Sparerib was just OK while Siu yook was my only gripe in this platter, too hard of the skin and too much of salt, NO GOOD! What is this!!???Like chicken like duck.....Nah, nah, it's a PIGEON(Squab)!! Creepy huh!?!?? I tell you, you will be regret for not trying! It was adequately seasoned and roasted to dry , what a heavenly savoury, best to go with beer! Of course, we definitely need some vege to keep us healthy, this choy sum菜心 was the only GREEN dish on our table, sadly, this culinary method was not exactly what we asked for, plain and way too soft that close to "fibre-LESS"!!!
Lastly, I wish to show you how our table looked like, already no more space for additional item, cool! ;-P

Address : 尖沙咀漢口道漢口大廈地下
Guang Dong RestaurantG/F, Hankow Rd (Tsim Sha Tsui)
電話 : 2735-5151/2735-5978

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Laundry Jakarta said...

be carefull for non Chinese speaker. you will be given a tourist menu if you ask for the english menu which the price is double than the normal menu. There are others shops with a reasonable price and same quality of taste.

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