Monday, February 16, 2009

The Sweet Dynasty 糖朝

Since day 1 in Hong Kong, every so often we saw a small group of people gathering in front of this restaurant regardless day and night. Was told that this restaurant called The Sweet Dynasty 糖朝 is getting famous among the locals since being recommended by some foodie's journal. Intrigued,we decided to check it out before leaving Hong Kong, the gourmet's heaven. The restaurant was designed to create the ambience of traditional Chinese Palace, splendid yet comfy!Scanned through the menu, just some usual stuff, pricing was a little dear....decided to sample some dim sum! ;-)
Total 8 of us, some of us had wantan mee soup with dumpling...... Oh, I regret I didn't keep a photo of the dried wantan mee, a patch of oyster sauce topping the plain wantan mee, from the way it looked, I doubt.....hmmmm........some of us including myself took the porridge.....smooth....Moon ordered 2 plates of zhaliang 炸两 to share out considering that this pastry is less common in Malaysia.......a handful left over, too oily to finish it all....For dessert, it was dau fu fa served in wooden bucket (木桶豆腐花) .......
Not that I am fussy about food, with the fame and this high price (how much you guess!!?? 1 piece of YELLOW note in exchange of 2 RED notes, pricey right!?), contrary to our expectation, the food quality wasn't that parallel with the amount of money we paid, that's the least satisfying one among those we visited in Hong Kong so far!

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