Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers皇家太平洋酒店

This would be the last chapter of our Hong Kong tour (yeah, yeah, I know I am lagging. ;p)

I feel incomplete without putting a review about The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers, the place that accomodated our 2 night stay in Hong Kong as I already made a brief commentary about Sofitel Ponte 16 . Say HKD 1,000 is the benchmark, and let's see what kind of quality lodging you are likely to get in Tsim Sha Tsui, yeah, the land that made of GOLD!

This DOLPHINS are the landmark of The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers, stand on the waterfront are picturesque architectures that light up the charm of Victoria Harbour.

Before and after dark of the 13-storey hotel (shooting from the suspension bridge that linked it to Kowloon Park). Gorgeous, isn't it!?

Base on the waiting time we underwent, we estimated this lobby is ten times busier than Sofitel Ponte 16.Now, let me show you the ROOM! Size of the standard room ranges from 22 to 25 sq/m, you may wonder how big it is? Just imagine, you get to touch the bed after walking 3 steps from the door................ Moon said she stayed here before, it was MANY MANY years ago..... All remaining in her mind is the vague image of the gold color glass building, the Kowloon Park and the happening ambiance of Tsim Sha Tsui.

Seriously, this hotel need a thorough makeover, everything is so dated....If you were to ask me, is there a value for money staying in this hotel!!?? Ironically, I think the accomodation fee we paid is neither for the service nor the room, it's solely the location itself!

Anyway, shall you plan a short trip to Macau and Hong Kong, be reminded to avoid staying in Macau for the weekends, coz the hotel's prices would be more than double of the weekdays', and value for money will definitely drop.

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