Friday, March 20, 2009

Restoran Xenri ( 2nd Visit)

Very soon we paid our second visit to Xenri! This time, we said NO and NO to dinner set. Yeah, we’re coming for Ala Carte! Again, we were seated at a small table facing the entrance.
You see that!!?? Gosh, the name itself of this Japanese Sake is enough to kill, man.....Nah, nah, we are not coming for a drunken night, forget it!
We started our meal with Salmon Skin Salad ( RM15).
This flavorful starter complemented with crispy salmon skin earned our votes. Never try never know, the deep fried salmon fish skin is such a fabulous fish cracker that goes so well with the bowl of greens, good innovation and we think the price is reasonable too!
Hokkaido Uni(北海道海胆 RM38.00)
Sea urchin from Hokkaido!?? Who cares where it came from. Moon already spotted this during our first visit and was told that they were running out of stock that night. Moon insisted me to give sea urchin a try , sure I would love too! Talking about this 1st experience of sea urchin, it was all fine. In fact, I am kind of like this creamy delicacy permeated with its distinctive natural sweetness and a tinge of ocean feel. We are determined to save $$ and pay one more visit to Japan someday....Imagine, licking the freshly picked sea urchin, wahaha.... how excited huh!?
Agedashi Tofu (揚げだし豆腐 RM13)
Oh, come to agedashi tofu, didn't I tell you we’ve come across really horrible agedashi tofu? OK, this Agedashi Tofu laden with a big heap of bonito flakes is definitely not flunk! Zaru Soba (ざる蕎麦 RM18)
Moon was in the Soba’s mood..... MEDIOCRE, that's the word. Grilled Salmon Jaw (RM68.00)
Don't be fooled by the waitress.*Sigh* This is indeed our very wrong decision to have taken her advice, it's bland, RM68 is just such a rip off !!!
Unagi Kama Meshi aka Eel Rice in Iron Pot comes with Miso Soup (鰻釜飯RM42.00)
Another disastrous creation of the night. Know what we like about Kabayaki Unagi(蒲焼鰻 the Japanese style broiled eel)? YES, YES, the delicate texture of the eel dipped in dripping kabayaki sauce (蒲焼ソース) that melts in your mouth at once!
Stint on the kabayaki sauce is the main reason we call this kama meshi a failure! for God’s sake this pot of rice was just served to fill up our stomach with NO satisfaction at all. ;-( Well, our next target for Nihon Ryouri (Japanese cuisine) would be Kampachi 勘八 at Pavillion.*Grin*


Selba said...

2nd visit? but sounds that it was a "disaster"? Aiyayaya....

Ah King and Moon said...

Thanks for visiting my post Selby, very interesting post you have. ;-) Now I know where to cari makan in Jakarta. ;-)

Yeah, unfortunately the 2nd visit was not as good as compared to 1st visit. ;-)

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