Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tong Kee's Egg Tart 棠记兄弟饼家

I still remember the stall selling Tong Kee's Egg Tart in front of Lai Foong, Jalan Tun H.S.Lee, that’s the place I used to stop by after a tuition class to help myself to some lovely Tong Kee's Egg Tarts. Today, Tong Kee’s outlet is like mushroom growth, opens one after another. Not only that, the price has also been raised from less than RM 1 to RM1.30 per piece. Even then, it has never left me off visiting it simply because of its unbeatable wobbly egg filling and the lardy puff pastry which is so flaky that scarcely be found elsewhere. The outlet in Sri Petaling is the most convenient one for me. Other than the original lardy version, Tong Kee also pays heed to health conscious consumers by introducing the buttery version which I think is less sellable. Apart from the main stream, Tong Kee is also getting fair orders for festive cookies, wedding pastry (嫁女饼) and Moon Cake.Brother in law has teeth for this Twister (RM4.50) that resembles a “rope”. Its crunchy texture is pretty much tastier than those ultra-hard sugar coated type which you may find in Pasar Malam (Night Market). There are some customers just like us, love to relish the hot steamy tarts delivered straight from kitchen in this comfy red couch. ;-)(HQ) Tel: 03-2142 9958
: 03-2142 9923
Cheras Tel : 03-9101 8803
Sri Petaling : 03-9057 9926 (Same row as The Store)
Kepong : 03-6277 7926
KL : 03-2072 8123

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