Friday, October 9, 2009

Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant Sdn Bhd.

Saw a brochure about the promotion of Daidomon on the desk of my Japanese boss, Buka Puasa Special dinner buffet was only at RM43.90++. Boss said he tried it with his family, his remark was positive.

One rainy Thursday, we drove straight to Jalan Ampang after work. To avoid traffic jam, we used Smart Tunnel. Arrived Great Eastern Mall around 7.30pm.

Like every other buffet style, customers are required to pay prior the meal. As soon as being seated, we couldn't wait to check out the buffet table. After a round, Moon brought back salad with Wafu (Japanese) dressing, light and refreshing. For grill items, we got to place order with waiter. The waiter suggested warming up with assortment of beef & seafood. He also explained to us that scallop and oyster are controlled items in this promotion in which each group of customers only allowed to order once, others products are free flow though.

While waiting the meat cooked, we had sashimi and sushi. Choices were limited and freshness is just so-so.On the other hand, Daidomon is such a heaven for beef lovers as they serve different parts of cow including ox tongue. This was my first experience taking animal’s tongue; the texture was crunchier and chewy, not bad at all!
Although they claim to have more than 100 dishes, but throughout the night, we only attacked the grilled food, we hardly approached the buffet table for other selections. For desert, they serve ice cream and limited choice of fruit. The peach flavored ice cream was nice!The verdict is, quality of food is satisfactory but only 1 type of dip being served, should have more choices indeed. Besides, It’s not really that well worth if you are no beef person. Anyhow, the ambiance was great if you are looking for a place to get chatty with your mate.

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