Sunday, October 25, 2009

Remember 126 Restaurant 126海鲜饭店

While heading to Genting, I remember Chew Sir told me that he used to settle his meal at Bukit Tinggi before heading up simply for 2 reasons, cheaper and nicer. Being a gourmand, I trust his advice.

So, we skipped the trunk road and drove passed the tunnel, followed the signboard of Bukit Tinggi, before long we saw a row of shop lots on the right as well as the stunning “126”.

We slowed down the speed. There is a little junction on the left that leads you a U-turn back to the shop lots. The first “126” appeared in front of us, it was not exactly what we spotted along the highway. We followed the little path, drove further up, and we saw another “126” that stands alone.

A sightseeing bus was parked aside of the restaurant. Few tables were occupied, obviously by tourists from the bus. We also noticed a few posh cars with JB’s number plate resting in front at the time of 5.30pm.

There's no menu, all their signature dishes’ displayed on the signboard. Waitress recommended the followings

1.)Wild boar curry (RM8.00)
Chew Sir kept telling me the wild boar curry,already embedded in my memory, so must not miss! Wild boar has lean and firmer meat, this curry base dish was best to go with rice. 2.)Steamed wild paddy frog ( RM39 for 2 pax)
Wild paddy frog definitely makes a difference from those reared ones, and it’s getting rare too. They steamed it with Chinese herbs and Shiu Heng Wine. I must bring my brother in law here at least once as he is a big fan for wild paddy frog. 3.)Stir-fried baby watercress (RM5)
This dish has been recommended by so many foodies, excellent choice indeed, fresh,unique, crunchy and no bitterness found. 4.)Braised Catfish in clay pot (RM27 for 900gram)
I thought 3 dishes were enough but waitress strongly recommended us to have a fish steamed or braised in clay pot. She convinced us that the size wouldn’t be too big, eventually we chose to have it braised in clay pot as she emphasized this culinary method gives better fragrance of wine. Fish was only 900gram, just nice for steam. The fish was perfectly cooked with absence of muddy odor; skin was gelatinous while the meat was flaky. When we called for the bill, a complimentary watermelon was served. Looking at the dishes we had, thought it might anytime burn a hole in my pocket since we had wild paddy frog and fish, out of my expectation, it came up to be less than RM100! It is only MR85.00.

Kampung Bukit Tinggi,
Pahang, Malaysia
Phone : 016-951 6818, 012-225 1894

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