Sunday, October 25, 2009

Restoran Oriental @ Tuaran, Sabah

Since Air Asia and Tune Hotel were having an attractive promotion, taking the chance of Deepavali”s long break, I decided to pay a visit to Kota Kinabalu (KK) @ Sabah. Sabah is also known as "Land below the Wind”because of its strategic location that is right below the typhoon belt.

Basically Oct is considered great month to visit KK, especially end of Oct where you get to witness the grand International Climbathon. Candidates come from all over the world, compete to climb Mt Kinabalu with the speed of Shinkansen. I could not imagine, while I took 2 days to reach the summit, the competitors take less than 3hours to complete the whole to and fro journey. Apart from this world class event, Oct is also the season of durian.
If you are a big fan for durian, you get to sample different species of local durian including the wild durian with long tiny thorns and red orangey meat called Durian Dalip. Also, you get to enjoy heaps of mangosteen and other local fruits on season.

We chartered a van sending us to Kinabalu Park, the Sabahan Dusun driver Jimmy dropped us at one of the Chinese restaurants along Tuaran for breakfast. The shop is called Restoran Oriental东方茶餐室.
We got no idea what to order and could barely relied on the Chinese boss‘s advice. He recommended us fried Mi Tuaran 炒斗亚兰面 (RM15) . Mi Tuaran is a type of noodle produced from the town called Tuaran, it looks wavy and yellowish, springy and less sticky. Usually they fried it with egg, cabbage and seafood.
Colleague’s hubby Kiat spotted the swamp eel in tank. He would like to try some but obviously this is a mental challenge for the girls. As such, boss suggested frying a small portion with hot & spicy Gong Bou style 宫保鳝鱼(RM18). According to Kiat, blood is the most precious part of eel therefore must not be drained, walala, sound like an expertise huh!? Different from Unagi, this eel was chopped into the length of 2-3cm without being deboned. I threw a small piece into my mouth and tried not to think about the fact that I was munching a snake-like creature, the texture of the skin was rubbery and not much of meat. Exotic it is, but definitely NOT my type of food, I quitted after 2nd piece, thanks, but NO, thanks!!!
Lastly, fried sweet bamboo shoot 清炒甜笋(RM10) which I think was good.I was the one who finished the quarter of it. This meal costs us RM48 inlcuding drinks.

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nbeagle said...

if snake tasted like swamp eel, I'd eat snake. It's delicious! And it is, after all, a fish. Get over it :P

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