Monday, October 26, 2009

Pekan Nabalu

After an exotic breakfast at Restoran Oriental (yea, indeed!), our next stop was Pekan Nabalu. Pekan Nabalu is like a central market houses stalls selling handicrafts and local products... According to Jimmy, goods are fairly cheaper here comparing to Kundasang. This is because the soil of Kundasang is not fertile enough for good crop thus most products sold there are not locally harvested.

This is the buah tarap (RM2) which SF has been constantly craving for, she learnt to eat it from her Sabahan roommate. The fruit looks round in shape, the skin could be easily peeled off with hands, the flesh is white , delicate with strong scent like a cross over between jackfruit and cempedak....Jimmy told us must not eat buah tarap while drinking alcohol, otherwise it will cause difficulty in breathe, or suffocation in the worst. If there is anyone accidentally consumes both at the same time and the symptom appears, he said the cure would be the seed. Anyway, there are food conflicting by nature like durian and alcohol, so do not risk yourself, better be careful than sorry.

"What is this!!??" ciku??? Nah, nah, it 's known as buah bambangan. We paid the lady RM1, and requested her to let us trying it on spot. It’s actually some kind of wild mango, pungent smell, fibrous and sour by nature. Banana in red skin, interesting huh!?? A big bunch is sold for only RM2, certainly a good economical source of energy to be carried along while climbing Mt Kinabalu. ;-)

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