Monday, October 26, 2009

Lunch @ Ranau

Whilst reaching KK Park, choices of food were getting less. Jimmy suggested us to take lunch at Ranau since we all raved for Chinese food. It’s around 2pm, we hung around and stumbled upon a shop situated across the mini roundabout which was still open....

We thought it's better to avoid taking risk thus we picked fried noodles but with different cooking style....

This is the fried mee with salad sauce ordered by Poh Leng, something new, taste wise, I think it’s kind of abstract, not to say bad, neither it's good... As for myself, fried noodle with seafood was certainly a safer choice! Over all, the fried noodles were OK, true surprise actually came from this roasted chicken! The size is small. Hmmm, maybe of a pigeon’s size or slightly bigger!? There is always a layer of fat beneath the chicken’s skin, but no, not this, had never seen such a slimmed chick and the skin was as thin as a piece of kitchen paper, flesh was soft and tinged with natural fragrance of chicken., very good in taste!

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Since itinerary was tight, after a quick lunch, we went to check-in with Pine Resort and hurried to our next destination, the Poring Hot Spring.

Exploration to Poring Hot Spring


The spectacular Canopy Walk.....Time for some work out! *deep breath*Oh, I miss Onsen Tamago", should have brought a dozen of eggs here! ;-)The breathtaking Mt Kinabalu….

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