Saturday, November 14, 2009

Steamboat & "Dusty" Wings @ Kundasang

When time to bid farewell, Jimmy fetched us to this restaurant, which is conveniently 10 minutes walking distance from our lodging. We were getting a bit dubious....since the whole restaurant was engulfed in unwonted darkness with only very dim candle's light.

Were told that the shop was down of electricity....

While hesitating whether to move to another restaurant, a young charming Kadazan girl popped up, her command of Mandarin was impeccable! Actually, she is Sino Kadazan, she has Chinese’s blood in her, no wonder! We all got hooked with her angelical smile. Well, eventually, we stayed despite the blackout......

Surrounded by bushy floras, temperature at Kundasang, especially after dark could get you chilled to bone. For dinner, nothing could be more comforting than sipping the hot soup, it prompted us to order a small steamboat set and a fried rice.

The portion was big containing fish balls, squid, crab stick, noodles and egg. Was amused to see the steamboat pot, like a toy.... the soup almost splashed out when we threw in the fish balls, Kiat suggested to add another pot of tom yam soup base, which was also served in similar toy's size pot, and the tom yam was surprisingly awesome… The bill of the dinner came up to be RM52.

Dining in the dark, certainly an unforgetable experience for all of us !!! T-TOur stomach was just half filled while we headed back to Pine Resort. Saw smoke coming out from a shabby shack....

Yahhhh, it's gggggggggggggrilled chicken wings!!! Kiat pointed that grilled chicken wings are “must eat” of Kudasang (no idea where he did his survey though), whatsoever, basically, I would never say NO to grilled chicken wings.....

RM1.20 per piece...where to find in KL nowadays, huh!!!?

So delish when eaten warm, yummy yummy.....Since the stall was along the main road, the “dust” had probably given it extra kick! ;-P

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