Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Salut Restaurant @ Tuaran

I'd say, Sabah is my "favoriteST" state of Malaysia. It's such a paradise for seafood lovers, everyone says so...No doubt it is, but it’s not always cheap! To enjoy cheap seafood, you should look up for a place which is slightly away from KK and I think Salut Restaurant is one that fits in this category. Situated at the remote Jalan Tuaran Talipok, you may just forget about public transport as it would never get you there! Pay RM60 like us, to hire a van, he will send you to door and pick you up anytime you require with just a call, worries free! All you need to do is, sit back, take your own sweet time and savour the FRESHest seafood! ;-)

Since Kiat has grown up from the beach, he knows well what to order for us. He walked straight to the tanks, checked the prices and fixed the menu for us See, these cockles are so much bigger than his finger. ;-oKiat said it’s best to boil and eat them with chili dip (RM12). Sea snails (RM12) are getting expensive in West Malaysia. Kiat said some restaurants charge as high as RM1 per piece.

Feeling helpess? Look, there is a tactic to eat it. First, dig the tail out from the shell using a tooth pick, then grab the tail and pull it with the tip of your thumb and forefinger , EASY! Basically it’s tasteless, but some may enjoy chewing its rubber-like texture. Sapak shell is BIGGGG too, see the size lying on the palm of Poh Leng. ;-)Cooked with superior stock(RM14) is not a bad idea!
Boiled fresh prawn (RM38) seems to be a “must order” dish here in KK. This prawn is small in size with firmer meat. The sweetness of the meat could beat any big prawn miles away. Especially the prawn’s head with hidden orangey roes, it's a crack! I was so addicted to it after sucking a few.*muack* ;-) Deep fried soft shell crab (RM30) was well done too, tasted fragrant and puffy, definitely a superior tidbit to go with beer. Here in Sabah, you get to relish steamed LIVE garoupa with reasonable price if you know where to find! No kidding, it was ALIVE before the guy net it from the tank! The restaurant was selling RM60 per 1KG. "Hello, it's live garoupa, why not!?" Kiat chose one with 900gram; he said this is the ideal size to be steamed. How true! This garoupa is lip smacking delish when steamed with premium soy sauce. I’d never realize the distinct difference between a live garoupa comparing to the one I carried back from wet market, MAMA MIA!! The one brought back from market, the flesh turns flaky after being steamed while live garoupa is NOT! The flesh is firm, springy and full of natural sweetness, no strange odor found. In fact, this is the most expensive dish on the table yet I still think RM54 is well worth it!
For veggie, I would recommend you to try the exclussive local grown Sabah veggie (RM10) which resembles paku, I simply enjoy the crunchiness of it.
Total bill is RM180 for 6 pax.
Address :
Salut Restaurant
Mile 13, Jalan Tuaran Telipok,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Phone : 088-228301


kenwooi said...

sabah ar..
so far away from my place.. haha..
nice food nevertheless =D

Kelvin said...

I love the soft shell crab^^

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