Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Gaya Seaffood Restaurant @ Inanam

2nd night in KK, Sensei insisted to treat us another seafood meal at one of the renowned seafood restaurant at Inanam. This restaurant seems rather popular among the local Chinese.

The cooking style seems totally different from what we had the previous night at Salut Restaurant.

Deep fried butter prawn was my sensei’s favorite, the shell was fried to fragrant crisp with right among of saltiness(RM56 per kg).

The concoction of this hot and spicy crab was appealing too (RM30 per KG).We had never come across this type of elephant shell 象螺, we’re curious and requested some(RM30 per KG). The waiter advised to steam it with finely chopped garlic 蒜蓉蒸. We assumed the taste would be something close to elephant trunk clam 象鼻蚌 but not exactly. Infact, the garlic had overpowered its natural sweetness. Sapak shell fried with scallions and ginger (RM18 per KG).
Ostrich meat cooked with black pepper style (RM25), the meat was well marinated and it's quite tender.Stir fried butterhead with preserved beancurd (RM15).Total bill came up to be RM231 including tea, rice and 2 bottles of Carslberg. I won't say it's cheap as there is NO live garoupa. As for the culinary method, doesn't seem to give much surprise as it's very WEST MALAYSIA feel. We prefer steam if the seafood is fresh. This kind of cooking style might not be any WAH factor in KL, but when you look at the numbers of customer dining here , I ponder, it must be something exclussive for the locals. ;-)

Address : New Gaya Seafood Restaurant

Lot A & Lot B, Wisma Lucky Centre,Jalan Kiansom, Inanam, W.D.T.53, 88450 Inanam,

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Tel : 088-426075/76/77 or 088-385020

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Theeggyolks said...

it has been years that i once stepped Inanam. Anyway, all those fried seafood were the cooking style in Sabah.

Kelvin said...

wah, looks ver delicious^^

Nicole cHuN said...


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