Friday, January 1, 2010

Kedai Kopi Kong Heng 光兴茶室

We decided to stop by Ipoh for lunch while on the way to Penang….....

There are only few main streets in Ipoh, called a Ipoh Mari friend to get advice and he recommended Kong Heng.

Since we were getting late, in order not to waste time, we asked an uncle working at the patrol station for direction. After some detailed briefing, uncle gave us a tip. He said the shop next to Kong Heng serves the best Hor Fun in town.

It’s already 2pm when we arrived. Both Kong Heng and the shop next to it were full. In Ipoh, this is rather common phenomena, as long as famous it’s always packed throughout the whole business hours.

This Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun (RM2.50 per plate) reminds me an ex-uni mate from Ipoh. His family runs the Chee Cheong Fun ( flat rice noodle)'s business. During one of the semester break, someone hand-carried some Chee Cheong Fun back from his hometown. He was so generous to treat us a Chee Cheong Fun Feast in the dorm and until now, I still think that is the best Chee Cheong Fun I had ever eaten, exactly the same red and dark sauce, pickled chili , fried shallots and sesame, so nostalgic when I gotta relish this silky Chee Cheong Fun again. Ipoh's Hor Fun (flat rice noodle) is famous, we wanted to try the best one next door but the boss rejected to send it over ( uncle from patrol station said we could actually request to do so but obviously they do not provide such service during peak hours). The one selling sliced chicken Hor Fun at Kong Heng seemed not so busy, our Hor Fun soup was sent to us pretty fast. The broth was not bad though not many Hor Fun given. The price is RM3.50 per bowl if I'm not mistaken. Rojak (local fruit salad) served here is way different from what I used to have. Instead of mixing with the fruit, dressing was served as separate dip in a small bowl. Beside peanut, I believe the dip contents sesame which makes it pretty aromatic. The presentation of kangkung sotong (water spinach aka water morning glory and cuttelfish) is quite unique as well, the gravy looks more like a satay dip !? RM6 per small plate. By the time we left Kong Heng, had a peep at the shop next door which claimed to be the best Ipoh Hor Fun seller, it was still cramped with diners waiting for seats......According to The Star, it's best in the country....So, next time you go to Ipoh, you should know where to look for the best sliced chicken Ipoh Hor Fun soup by now. ;-)

Address : Jalan Sultan Yusuf, Ipoh, Perak.

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