Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mantin Yong Tau Fu 文丁酿豆腐

It's time for me to pay a visit to my hometown Mantin! Since missing Mantin Yong Tao Fu so badly, we purposely drove along the Semenyih old road so that we could drop by at the Semenyih hawker center that's opposite to Wisma Teo Nai Hock. This hawker center with a red signboard is named as Restoran Multi Choice (锦真香小食中心). Here I find the most genuine homemade Mantin Yong Tao Fu. Why said so? Coz this Mantin Yong Tao Fu is run by one of my sisters. ;-P She is pure Mantin born and shifted her business base from Mantin to Semenyih recently for panetration of bigger market. These are the type of Yong Tao Fu on display for customers' selection. Different from most Yong Tao Fu in KL, The stuffing of Mantin Yong Tao Fu is made of pork and salted fish (ikan masin). If you are coming from Beranang heading to Semenyih, the hawker center is on your right.
Be prepared to turn into your right as soon as you see the "EKSPO PERABOT EXPO GOLDEN WONG" signboard .

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Tomoko said...

em.. yummy yummy.. look like very taste.. will try with my friend when we pass by martin next time :D

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